Stay Cool All Summer Long with AC Service and Repair

As you get ready to come in for your pre-trip inspection, don’t forget to think about AC service and repair. Otherwise, your air conditioning system could fail to keep you cool and comfortable all summer long. You’d then have to finish up your trip with all the windows rolled down and still feeling hotter than ever. Thankfully, you can handle your Chester IL. AC service needs well ahead of time to avoid all that. Here’s how. Smart Seasonal Air Conditioning Services When you bring your car into the auto repair shop well before the summer arrives, you can avoid getting caught in a hot car without working AC. Your auto tech can perform smart seasonal air conditioning services that ensure your system is operating at peak efficiency. Your mechanic will start the services by looking over all the ... read more

Get a Pre-Trip Inspection to Prepare for Your Summer Travels

Get a Pre-Trip Inspection to Prepare for Your Summer Travels

As the weather warms up, you’re undoubtedly daydreaming about going on exciting road trips. Perhaps you want to hit all the most popular landmarks across Steelville IL. or get out of the state altogether. Either way, you need to get a pre-trip inspection performed by your tech to make sure your car is ready for all that fun. During that visit, your auto repair tech will look at all the following areas to keep you safely moving down the road. Automotive Fluids The pre-trip inspection starts with a look at the condition and level of all your automotive fluids, such as: Engine oil Transmission fluid Brake fluid Coolant Power steering fluid Windshield washer fluid Depending on the inspection results and your car’s service history, you may need those fluids flushed out and replaced. If you need your oil changed, your mechanic will not only replace the fluid, but the filter as well. Air Filters Your Steelville IL. auto tech will look at the engine and cabin air filters ... read more

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